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Steps of the Demonstration
In this demonstration, you will input your name, school and email address.
(it will only be used in the demonstration)

The site will take you to what a student sees when they click a lesson title from the home page.

You will need to enter a First and Last Name
(a fake student name that is used during the flashcard session)
The lesson is Multiply 9s.
When you have practiced a few problems... click on the Email Score to Teacher button.

Select your name from the List of Teachers... click
and check your email.

The email sent from Math-Flashcards will show you: Student Last Name, First Name, Subject of the flashcards, Score, number attempted, number correct, start time and end time. (an email rule in Outlook can send all of the flascard emails to a designated folder which can be sorted in Subject order, which is by Student Last Name)
Start Demonstration
Read the Steps to the Left.

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